As part of our commitment to give back and better our community, I will give 20% of all commissions I receive from the purchase or sale of your home to the local animal charity of your choice. Just tell us to Lend A Paw! We support the workers and volunteers of local charities in all their efforts, the choice is yours! The monies donated will help feed and give medical care to lost and abandoned pets. It funds a spay and neuter clinic and promotes pet care education to the community.They also focus on giving  animals that are "running out of time" an extended lease on life with long term placements. So tell a friend, share this page or give us a like below and help us help them.

How Can you help?

If you know someone who is interested in buying or selling a home, let them know. It's a simple way to do a lot of good! Also, the Pensacola area is known for its numerous events. Check local event calendars and you'll find wine tastings, dog walks, food trucks, craft shows and lots of other good times with all the proceeds going to Animal Charities. 

Giving Back

If you would like to volunteer or donate to any of these causes directly, simply go to their Facebook page. If you have any questions about other ways to help or would like to know more about getting a local Charity involved, click the FIND OUT MORE  tab.